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APFA Journal

The APFA Journal is a vital component in maintaining the camaraderie of the national police football championship, that has been alive and running for over 30 years

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APFA diary

The APFA Diary helps maintain the camaraderie of the National Police Football Championship that has been alive and running for over 30 years.

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ANZSEBP journal

The mission of the ANZSEBP is to develop, disseminate and advocate for police to use scientific research (“the evidence”) to guide best practice in all aspects of policing.

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Aus paramedic

The aim of Australian Paramedic is to share knowledge and commentary from experts in the field, as well as provide background information on topics as research and programs develop both in Australia and internationally.

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QAFA Magazine

Auxiliary Firefighters are integral members of the Queensland Fire and Rescue Service. They provide an effective service to Queensland communities in the preservation

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VFFA Magazine

The Volunteer Fire Fighters Association (VFFA) is a stand alone, not for profit, non political association representing the views of Volunteer Fire Fighters right across NSW.

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Youthwise magazine

YouthWise produces and distributes important information with the aim of helping young Australians affected by substance abuse and issues relating to mental health.

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